Tales of Heroes : Simulator

Tales of Heroes 1 or TOH is a multiplayer RTS game. It’s a 2D game made in a custom framework developed using C# over SDL. It’s like age of empires 2 game set in world war 2 timeline. So there are various type of soldiers, tanks, vehicles, ships, boats, chopper, aircrafts, missiles launchers, guns, etc.

I had to build a simulator for TOH 1 which is to be used by players to test their strategies and plan their moves before playing the actual game. With the help of simulator they can do it much quickly and easily. Simulator has tools developed to help player do all this stuff like –

  • Instant build – so building and units can be spawned instantly but at the same time the player will be notified of the time it will take in actual game to create all those buildings and units.
  • Infinite resources – so you can just start building barracks without having to waste time collecting resources first, but they were informed about the resources they have used.
  • Quantity and type of resources available in different regions of the map and an estimated time required to collect them.
  • Command Stack – Players were also provided with a command stack showing them a history of commands or actions to reach the current state in terms of buildings, units etc.
  • Undo – Spawned a wrong building or unit? And don’t want to start over again? We got you covered. Undo functionality allow us to undo commands or action (without any limit) on stack and all the resources & time will be updated accordingly which is a big time saver.
  • and much more.

So basically if you have 1 or 2 (or more) different strategies in mind then instead of guessing and doing math just open up the simulator and build stuff instantly for 1 or more strategies and then you can easily compare how much time, resources, etc, it will take in real game to execute that strategy.

Platforms : Windows
Languages  :  C#, YAML
Game Engine : Custom Framework built over SDL in C#
Team Size : 3  ( 1 programmers, 1 Artist, 1 Producer )

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