Tales of Heroes 1 & 2

Tales of Heroes 1 or TOH is a multiplayer RTS game. It’s a 2D game made in a custom framework developed using C# over SDL. It’s like age of empires 2 game set in world war 2 timeline. So there are various type of soldiers, tanks, vehicles, ships, boats, chopper, aircrafts, missiles launchers, guns, etc.

When I joined, the project was already in development. They took basic setup from some 3rd party developer a while back and started building their game on top of it. I was responsible for implementing new gameplay features in terms of new input controls, new units, some new behaviors, etc. Apart from that I fixed a lot of bugs and did many optimizations, e.g. game was lagging a lot on low-end systems in the office because of  Path-Finding & Shroud rendering system. FPS was so low that game wasn’t even playable. I did all optimization alone and made the game smooth and enjoyable.

After finishing the first game, I also worked on the 2nd game in the series called TOH2 or Tales of Heroes 2. It was almost same as TOH 1 but it had new graphics and couple of new units and behaviors e.g. Artillery, etc. Implement all the new units myself. Also in rendering I implemented support for more than 1 animation (texture sprite) to be played at some time for some units, it was limitation of the framework which they originally bought that it could only play 1 animation per object at any time.

Platforms : Windows
Languages  :  C#, YAML
Game Engine : Custom Framework built over SDL in C#
Team Size : 4  ( 2 programmers, 1 Artist, 1 Producer )

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