JustAnotherGameEngine v4.0

This is my hobby game engine where all the fun stuff happens. I started coding my own game engine since college when the first version was based on Allegro, then moved on to Fixed function Driectx9 and so on.

The latest version of the engine (started last year) the v4.0 is being developed from scratch in Direct3D 11. Initially, focus will be graphics and once it reaches a certain level of quality I will start adding other stuff. I will be using some open source libraries this time to help me with things like importing models, textures, physics SDK etc.

Currently engine supports –

  • Physically based HDR rendering
  • Histogram based high-quality tone mapping
  • Post-process effects
  • Deferred, ForwardPlus and Forward rendering path
  • Physically based dynamic lights
  • Dynamic shadows
  • Image Based lighting

You can check out latest developments on my development blog.

However, the last major revision v3.0 based on DirectX9 shader based pipeline was much more feature complete.All the features were implemented by myself and no other 3rd party SDK was used other than DirectX9 and D3DX for loading assets n stuff. Full list features can be checked out over here and you can also check out some video demos over here.


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