Lupin III


An action adventure game made for mobile ( both IOS / Android ). It was a 2d game with 10 levels each having unique gameplay sequences. We can take it as a collection of 10 mini games. Gameplay elements inspired from many other games like fruit ninja, car chasing, 2d mario style platforming, etc. Technically  game was based on sprite animations Since it was a mobile game to be made in very short time span of a month I opted to use 2DToolKit for solving many issues like resolution independent, making sprite sheets or texture atlases( as the artist who was providing didn’t knew how to make sprite sheets ) , etc.
Implemented the feature to take a photograph from device camera and combine it with some premade templates to make custom wallpapers.
Also integrated Facebook using Social Networking plug-in from prime31 (there was no official facebook unity plugin back then) .

Link :  GooglePlayStore
Platforms : Web browsers (using unity webplayer)
Languages  :  C#,
Game Engine : Unity 3D
Team Size : 1

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