Software Renderer



Software renderer made in VC++ using native Win32 API for drawing.

Back in the old days when I had more free time I wanted to do everything myself in my game engine including developing a maths library of my own. I wanted to learn every expect of game development in detail so that’s how I used to do things in those times.

So I made a math library with a decent amount of features / functions and I needed something to test it. At the same time, I wanted to have a clearer understanding of the graphics pipeline so making a Software Renderer seemed a good way to accomplish both things.

Math library was coded entirely in VC++ without any vector based code and I used native win32  API for drawing. It was only a wireframe renderer tested on few simple shapes, but the code was good enough to handle complex shapes. I didn’t have any 3d file importer at the time so I left testing complex objects task for later, but I never got time (or forgot) to do that later as I moved on to other things.


Link : 
Platforms : Windows
Languages  :  VC++, Win32 API
Team Size : 1 programmer

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